Frequently Asked Questions


How are trips organized?

A notification is sent out to the mailing list advertising the trip and where and how you can sign up. We organize carpools to keep the cost low and split the cost of food. Anyone can organize a trip for other members, and we strongly encourage it! Feel free to contact us if you need help organizing.

How do I organize a trip or event?

Any member can organize a trip or event! As a UTOCer you can access the listserv and send out an email about your next outdoor adventure. If you need any help, contact the exec team by dropping by the office, send us an email, or come out to our next pub night.

What if i'm only interested in one type of activity?

You should email one our committees (see our executives pages to get in touch) and relay your interest to them. They can help you plan an event, tell you what trips are coming up, and if you're really keen, you can join the committee to help with future plans!

I cant access the google group? (Members)

The google groups system is provided as an email list-serv only. You are not missing out by not accessing the group and you will still get all the trip emails! We just use this system as it allows members to email in trips to send out to the group easily.

What does Membership Include?

You are added to our mailing list of trips! It also gives you first priority on trips, and you get discounted gear rental (about 20% off our already low rates) and discounted cabin rent at our cabin ($15 a night vs $20 a night for non members).

Why does it cost money to become a member?

UTOC is a ULife recognized club but it is not funded by the university. As such, we use the money to cover the costs of running the club, maintaining our cabin, and keeping our gear up to date!

Does the membership fee cover the cost of trips?

No. However, we make it a priority to make trips as affordable as possible. We charge trips at cost and never mark-up the price to make profits. One of our main goals as a club is to keep the outdoors accessible to everyone! The majority of our day trips are free, with overnight trips running from $40-$80, depending on the gear and distance involved.

What commitments do I have to make as a member?

None. You can be as involved in the club as you wish! There are no time commitments to attend meetings or trips. Every trip will be sent out to the mailing list and you can sign up for whatever ones you want. However, we always encourage you to come out to meetings and events!!

Have any more questions?

Head over to the Contact section to email an exec or swing by our office hours.

Trip planning guides

Waiver form

General trip planning guide

General trip planning checklist


Still have questions on how to plan a trip? Email the activity officers ( if you have any other questions or need help planning a trip.

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