NOTE: We have recently automated our membership process, if there any issues or if you don’t receive an email within half an hour after you sign up and pay, please email!

We offer four different types of membership, each membership lets you receive our trip emails, allows you to rent the cabin, gives you discounted cabin/gear rental rates, the option are the following:

  • Student Membership - $20 - Our year long student membership is only for current students (of any post-secondary school)

  • Adult/Alumni Membership - $30 - This membership is open to anyone and lasts one year

  • Family Membership - $40 - A year long family membership

  • Summer Membership- $10 - A four month membership, this expires 4 months after you purchase it

We accept Paypal, Credit (Amex, Visa, or MC), or Debit. Please fill in your information below, then on the next page you have the option of which type of membership you would like to purchase. Once that's done, you'll be added to our list-serv and should receive a welcome email within the next hour!

Your membership won't be complete until you submit your personal information AND payment!!

Feel free to email our membership officer ( or come to our office hours (under the contact page) if you have any questions. If you would like to pay cash, please fill out the following form and then email and we can arrange a time at our office however we prefer online payment.

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We sometimes look for funding from different areas at UofT, having the numbers of our members from certain areas is helpful for applications.
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