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Who We Are


The University of Toronto Outing Club (UTOC) is a not-for-profit, non university-affiliated organization founded in 1957 by U of T students. Since our incorporation, we have expanded our membership and mandate to be as accessible and welcoming as possible to all outdoor enthusiasts from the Greater Toronto Area and Grey-Bruce County community, in addition to U of T students, alumni, and staff.

One of our core principles is to run trips and activities for people with any level of outdoor experience in an effort to make them enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

We pride ourselves in being a friendly, welcoming community offering frequent, inexpensive weekend and day trips to many parts of Ontario (and sometimes beyond), with longer trips involving camping and hiking in provincial/national parks. Our most  popular weekend trips are the group excursions to the cabin (located near the Georgian Bay - learn more in the next section), with trip sizes varying from 5-6 people to our occasional large trips of 30-35. The club also organizes regular social events within the city of Toronto for members and non-members alike, such as our monthly pub social. 

UTOC mandates to protect the ecological and historical significance of the natural areas surrounding our cabin of Grey-Bruce County by promoting conservation, maintaining the ski and hiking trails surrounding our property, as well as having founded the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association.

Everyone and anyone that is a club member can organize an event or run a trip (See our Q&A section below for more information). Popular past trips have included:

The annual Gourmet Cabin Weekend

Manitoulin Island and Killarney Provincial Park camping roadtrip

Day hikes in Toronto to the Leslie Spit, Rouge Park, Scarborough Bluffs, or the Humber River Valley

The annual bruce peninsula backpacking trip


We look forward to seeing you on one of our trips soon!


Our Cabin


Our prized possession is our cabin in the woods, located just southwest of Collingwood, ON. The Cabin is owned and operated by our club, and was built by club members in 1968. It is located directly on the Bruce Trail, at the base of Metcalfe Rock, a gem on the escarpment boasting the province's best rock-climbing routes, explorable fissures and caves, and unbeatable views over Grey County. The Cabin is used to host a variety of club events, trips, and excursion weekends. Popular activities at the cabin include cross-country skiing on the over 45km of trails leading right away from the cabin's doorstep, mountain biking, hiking, caving, rock climbing, swimming, and canoeing.

We are proud to own a rustic cabin, and not a cottage. The cabin has no electricity, instead being lit by propane lamps, and heated by a propane furnace and a wood-burning oven, for that extra cozy feel. It also has no running water - instead we get our water from a stream we have tapped into directly from the depths of Metcalfe Rock. 

Check out the photo gallery further below to see more photos.

Cabin trips are lead by both exec and members who have received instruction on leading a trip and operating the cabin. Once deemed qualified, you may volunteer to run a cabin trip, and the club covers your rent for the duration of your trip, provided you adhere to our standards (opening/closing the cabin, collecting money etc.). 


Cabin Rent for Public Trips Are: 

$15 night / member & $20 night / non-member

There are three ways to go up to our cabin:

1) Join a Public Trip
-These are sent out via our mailing list. Costs for these trips after cabin rent, food, and gas, total about $60 for a weekend for two nights.

2) Lead a Public trip
If you would like to lead a trip if there isn’t one running, and can commit to a date, please get in touch with the cabin officer (cabin@utoc.ca). These trips are open to everyone in the club.

 3) Rent the Cabin Privately
Our cabin can also be rented for the private rate of $600/weekend for the first 12 people plus $25 per additional person thereafter. A $200 deposit is required to confirm your booking. (For single night rates please contact cabin@utoc.ca)


Contact our cabin officer (cabin@utoc.ca) for more information about running a public trip or booking it privately, cabin bookings can be found on our calendar so you can see when it’s free.


Gear Library


To request a rental or to take something out, come to our office hours.

All equipment is stored in our UTOC office in 21 Sussex room 422 on the U of T campus and will have to be picked up during office hours.

We would like to thank the generous folks at MEC Outdoor Nation and MEC Toronto for donating outdoor equipment to us and helping kickstart this initiative. Also special thanks to UTOC executives Micheal Chahley and Jimmy Truong who have championed this initiative from the start. 

For any inquiries (long term rentals, special rates), to talk about donations, or ask about how to help out, feel free to email the equipment officer (equipment.officer@utoc.ca).



NOTE: Membership can be purchased at any time of the year, a year long one last one year from date of purchase and a summer lasts 4 months from the date of purchase.

We offer four different types of membership, each membership lets you receive our trip emails, allows you to rent the cabin, gives you discounted cabin/gear rental rates, the option are the following:

  • Student Membership - $20 - Our year long student membership is only for current students (of any post-secondary school)

  • Adult/Alumni Membership - $30 - This membership is open to anyone and lasts one year

  • Family Membership - $40 - A year long family membership

  • Summer Membership- $10 - A four month membership, this expires 4 months after you purchase it

We accept Paypal, Credit (Amex, Visa, or MC), or Debit. Please fill in your information below, then on the next page you have the option of which type of membership you would like to purchase. Once that's done, you'll be added to our list-serv and should receive a welcome email within the next hour!

Your membership won't be complete until you submit your personal information AND payment!!

Feel free to email our membership officer (membership@utoc.ca) or come to our office hours (under the contact page) if you have any questions. If you would like to pay cash, please fill out the following form and then email nathaniel@utoc.ca and we can arrange a time at our office however we prefer online payment.

Name *
We sometimes look for funding from different areas at UofT, having the numbers of our members from certain areas is helpful for applications.
We match the email here to the email you paid with. If you are paying with a different email (the email you use on the next part, either paypal or the one you put in after putting in credit card), then put that email here. For example, if I wanted to become a member and have jack@mail.utoronto.ca on the UTOC mailing list but pay with jack@gmail.com then I'd put jack@mail.utoronto.ca in the other section and then jack@gmail.com here in the Payment Email. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS PROPERLY YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL NOT BE MARKED AS PAID AND MUST BE FIXED MANUALLY, if you realize after that you put the wrong email please simply fill out this form again and put the right email
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Contact Us


Please visit the executive page first if you would like to reach a specific member or committee.

General inquiries should contact: secretary@utoc.ca

Gear Inquiries: equipment@utoc.ca
Membership Inquiries: membership@utoc.ca
Cabin Rental Inquiries: cabin@utoc.ca

Emails sent to the general inquiry email first may not be responded to right away.

Office Hours: 

MONDAY 12:30-1:30pm

TUESDAY 5:30-6:30pm

WEDNESDAY 1:30-2:30pm

THURSDAY 11:30-12:30pm

FRIDAY 10:30-11:30am

Or, reach us through our facebook group! At facebook.com/groups/utoutingclub 

21 Sussex Avenue, Room 422

Toronto, Ontario M5S 1J6